Friday, August 15, 2008


Nice quiet day. Put some of my books on e-bay. It's time consuming but I'm glad when it's done. I like to see if I have any 'watchers' or any 'bidders.'

I stayed up late to watch the all-around women's gymnastics competition. I was hoping Shawn Johnson was going to win. She's got a bubbly little personality. I was a little annoyed that the woman who won changed into a pink bodysuit. She was born in Russia, her dad was on the Russian Olympic gymnastics team but she grew up here in the states. I understand that last night was an individual competition but you are still part of the United States Gymnastics team. That's who got you up on that podium. Not the Russians and pink bodysuits.

My stomach's been bothering me again; I really hope I don't have to go back to the gastoenterologist. Not my favorite doctor in the world. The nurse just called me back as I was typing this and put me back on the prescriptions I was on while I was in Europe. I felt great when we came back from our trip and didn't have problems for probably close to 8 weeks. So, between the prescriptions this week for T and now my prescriptions, my CVS bill this month is going to outrageous.

There' are few things more satisfying to me than standing in front of a pantry, a closet, a dresser drawer, what have you, w/ a big plastic garbage bag throwing stuff out. I cleaned out our linen closest today -- mainly the aspirin, expired cold medicine, old prescriptions, expired NyQuil (always makes me think of the Denis Leary skit where he talks about NyQuil -- Capital N, little y, BIG F*CKING Q!). I put all the bandaids in one spot ("someone" has a bad habit of tearing thru the bandaids when she's in a hurry and they end of all over the floor KJ), put the tweezers in some alcohol to clean off any tick residue, splinters, whatever.

Feel like I'm getting my house in order. Small steps.

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Tracy said...

it's all about baby steps. i was cleaning walls and baseboards the other day. love having a nice clean organized house. it doesn't happen very often.

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