Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kissing Toads

Took T to the dermatologist very, very early this morning. She had these weird bumps on her stomach that needed to be looked at. I thought they were moles (she prefers "beauty marks"). I come from a long line of mole-y females: I have several moles, my mom has them and my grandmother had them. The nurse took a look while she was taking down our pertinent info and thought they were warts. Doctor came in and called them something totally else (molluscum aka non-cancerous skin growths) and said they will go away. They may get red before they go away but they will go away on their own. I drove her to school right from the doctor's office, she was chomping at the bit so she wouldn't miss dance class. She maybe missed 15-20 minutes of dance class. I filled my car up w/ gas after I dropped her off and ran to Bruno's for milk. I bought fresh green beans thinking I'd make a nice chicken dinner tonight: chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes. One small problem. I got home, looked in the freezer to defrost some chicken, realized I have none. We T gets home I'll run back out to Bruno's for some chicken.

Dance meeting went well last night. The dance sponsor seems super sweet. She had goody bags for all the girls and had lots of refreshments for us. I think I overheard her tell one of the parents that she's recently divorced. The girls found out yesterday who the captain is. There was actually a tie so the squad will have co-captains. T said one of the girl's selected really gets the dances quick but is kind of quiet. The other girl is a little bossier so they should make a good combination.


Anonymous said...

Oh, be careful with that Molluscum! It can last for years and cover he whole body! It can eventually go away on its own, but infect everyone she comes into contact with and enyone else in the household too! I know, my son got this last year, and we just thought it was a rash from something at camp. But when it spread to his face, genitals, and then my 2 y/o daughter got it and my 1 y/o son a few weeks later, we rushed to the doctor. The first son ended up with 100's!!! of bumps all over his body and face.. he looked like a lepper. After BAD treatments from the doctor, we tried some silver-based stuff from a website and it really did the trick on all my children. PLEASE DON'T IGNORE THIS DISEASE! MY SON WAS HORRIBLY SCARRED FROM THE FREEZE AND ACID THERAPY THEY DID AT THE DOCTOR, AND IT CAUSED IT TO SPREAD! Good Luck and best to your daughter, I hope mine will be interested in dance, maybe I'll be a bit too much of a "it's for me" mom instead of "it's for her" but boy would it be fun! Sandy.

the Albino Bowler said...

Hey. It was your page's layout that caught my eye. I like the way you let your thoughts flow. I've got to get back to my next chapter in the Kangaroo Rodeo, but just thought I'd say hello.


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