Saturday, August 9, 2008

Christmas in August

forgot to mention in my earlier blog: i bought my first Christmas present today! I bought something for someone at Smith's Variety today in Homewood. Believe it or not, they were starting to put out their Halloween and Christmas decorations. I bought something Christmas-y and love the fact that they gift wrap for free. The sales clerk asked if this was a gift and did I want it wrapped. Yes, it is a gift and I'd like Christmas paper, please. She looked at me like I was crazy! After her initial confusion, she said "we don't have any Christmas paper out yet; maybe I have some leftover stuff in the back." I told her I wasn't picky -- plain white paper, gold or silver paper would be fine. Let this be a lesson to Smith's Variety: Don't put out Christmas gifts if you don't have Christmas wrapping paper. Duh!

Anyway, the sales clerk told me I was the first Christmas customer of the '08 season. Go me!!


Tracy said...

i love smiths variety! such a fun store. i'm still getting over the whole back to school shopping, christmas has not even entered my mind. go you!

monkeyseemonkeydontdo said...

Smith's rocks! Mom always goes there for stocking stuff!!! I have Christmas gifts already too, I got mine right after Christmas at the big sales...I know I am a nerd!

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