Saturday, August 2, 2008

Friday Nite Funnies

(as always) had a good time at Scott & Debbie's. Good food, good fun. T & KJ came w/ us and we all hung out, laughing, eating and drinking (I should clarify -- only those of legal age were drinking). KJ had fun playing w/ their dog & cat and of course started in on the whole "when are we getting another dog?" thing. She's relentless.

Wicked tickets go on sale 8/2/08 so we had a big debate in the car whether the entire family is going or just KJ & I. After T & I saw it in London, I had told KJ I would take her to see it when it came here in April '09 but then I found out it was coming to the Fox Theater in Atlanta and everyone says it's a much better venue. So I thought KJ & I could go to ATL on Saturday, spend the day doing whatever she wants (probably the aquarium and/or American Girl store), spend the night, see the show Sunday afternoon. Then we ran into this whole big thing about how KJ should have just some time w/ me since T had time w/ me in Europe but then T brought up that we ALWAYS spend b-days as a family (she really doesn't care, she just wants to see Wicked again), etc. I think right now, it will just be me & KJ. I'm thinking Chris will have fall ball on Sunday's anyway.

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