Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Can You Actually Die from Embarrassment???

The dance team was supposed to have a practice w/ the band today on the field in preparation for Friday's season opener. However, practice was cut short and moved inside due to all the Fay rain we've rec'd. KJ and I got to the high school a few minutes early and were able to catch the dance team practicing their "pre-game prancing" (Chris & I make neighing horse noises when she does it in the house). So, being the smart-ass mother that I am and KJ being the equally annoying little sister that she is, we decided to honk the horn like morons and yell "Go T-Bone" as the dance team pranced around the parking lot. Didn't go over to well with T. She was shooting daggers out the corners of her eyes (but she never missed a beat!) and the minute she got in the car she yelled, "PLEASE DON'T EVER DO THAT TO ME AGAIN." Just doing my best to keep it real for my home-girl.


monkeyseemonkeydontdo said...

my mom drove a station wagon, blue with wood sides...at christmas time she had a wreath on the front grill and as a freshmen to be picked up by mom is bad enough but when she is honking her decorated wagon waving and shouting your name it is harder and to make it worse I always had to crawl in the back b/c she picked up my bros first.....that meant as we drove away from school I was watching the stares and laughes as we drove away.....but I survived!

Unknown said...

omg, i am laughing so hard at valerie's post! haha. kate would have seriously DIED! i am picture you honking your horn and cheering for her. that is hysterical. love that you're keeping it real.

I'm also laughing at the visual of Shawn being picked up from school with her younger brothers in the big ole station wagon embellished with a Christmas wreath. You know, she is totally going to have one of those when she picks her girls up from school and I think a little greenery on the luggage rack would be nice too. haha. isn't it fun being a parent?

J said...

LOL! I'm surprised you & KJ survived!!! ME would have beaten the shit out of Bo!!!!!

Valerie said...

shawn, what are we talking here? Did you have to climb in the back seat or the way, way back of the station wagon like the family dog??

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