Friday, August 22, 2008

Babes in Bikini's in Beijing

Congrats to the US Women's Soccer team on their gold, the US Women's Water Polo team on their silver and the US Men's Volleyball gold win!

The Today Show just had a quick little segment on the beach volleyball bikini dance team. Basically it was gorgeous Chinese girls dancing in bikinis in between beach volleyball games, during time outs, etc. Chris will be upset he missed it! He's been in Dallas all week and comes home today. It's been a long, long week. Although he travels alot, a full week is rough on everyone (especially him -- he likes to be home in his own bed, eating w/ the family). When the girls were little, they both used to cry so bad when he left. I mean, not just a couple of tears but all out bawling and crying for days. It got to the point that he would even hate to call home because they would cry on the phone w/ him and beg him to come home. It's not like I was beating them or anything!

Please keep the girls and I in your thoughts this weekend. This is Chris's Fantasy Football weekend. A couple of buddies are flying in from all around the country today, they're probably going someplace for wings tonight and then tomorrow the festivities begin. One year it was at Troy's house, one year it was at the club house, one year it was in Vegas (Chris didn't make that draft) and one year it was at our house (that was the year Mario's head went thru the wall and I think it was the same year my mums were wiped out). This is what happens when 12 over-grown, drunk, 40+something boys get together and the testosterone is flying.

Special shout out to my friend margaret -- it was good talking to you this morning! we need to get together soon.
P.S. Smart Food is my new favorite snack. KJ & I are totally addicted. We've been eating it for years but now it's available in handy-dandy 100 calorie packs.

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