Monday, August 25, 2008

Rainy Monday

Nice rainy, dreary Monday. I have to cover KJ's class today for approximately an hour so the rain isn't really going to cramp my style. Everyone was a little slow moving this morning, especially the little one. It was partially my fault. I let her stay up until around 9 PM to watch the Olympic torch being passed over to London. I loved how they used the big red double-decker bus to represent all things London. T-bone was almost killed by a double-decker bus our first day in London so we got a big laugh out of the bus on last night's closing ceremonies (instead of looking right-left-right when crossing the street, she looked left-right-left and almost walked right into on-coming traffic. I had to actually pull her back by the sleeve of her sweatshirt. I would have had a hard time explaining to Chris why his daughter wouldn't be coming home!).

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