Thursday, August 7, 2008

the most wonderful time of the year

Check out KJ's cool messenger bag! She bought some pins to put on there to personalize it: an iCarly pin and, of course, a Jonas Brothers pin. She asked for a sandwhich today rather than buying her lunch and she got to use the new Vera Bradley lunch bag she picked out over the summer.

Some back-to-school photos. If you are a regular blog reader you know T is a freshman today (What??? When did that happen???) and KJ is a big bad 3rd grader (she's up on the 2nd floor now w/ all the other big kids -- only the babies are on the first floor!). Today was a very good day all around. Both girls woke up really well, I made scrambled eggs and toast for everyone (no; that is not a mis-print!). KJ had a few minutes to spare and decided at the last minute that she wanted to ride the bus. Since T had no idea what her schedule was due to a last minute change at registration, I told her I would drive her in plenty of time to make first period. Traffic was quite bad so I don't think she had much time during Zero period to figure much out. I'm sure the front office @ the FC was a zoo today. T didn't even know where her locker was. Round-trip from my front door, to the FC and back again to my front door was 47 minutes.

Met some ladies for breakfast at Panera today and had a lot of laughs. Tracy had her camera; should have gotten a group shot or at least a shot of our littlest friends, Miss Ella and Little Miss Shyness. Everyone was anxious to have a free day to get some errands done. I had some clothes in my car to drop off at the consignment shop and while I was in there Chris called and asked me to meet him at Moe's for lunch. I can definitely get used to this!

KJ has her last hip-hop class of the summer. If it's not thundering & lightening like it supposed to later this afternoon, I plan to walk around the track while she's @ dance. Got to work off my bagel and my quesidilla!


Tracy said...

Cute pics!!! Love the messenger bag. Jack had a messenger bag when he was in 3rd grade. It lasted him 3 years. He just got a new back pack for bump ass! haha. can't wait to hear about everyons first day!

Tracy said...

oh and i thought about a picture but then there would be evidence of me wearing the fun new shirt! ha.

monkeyseemonkeydontdo said...

Miss Shyness, that was the truth today .... you should see her when she is comfortable with people....CRAZY!!!! Cute photos, love the bag, too cute!

Yankee Belle said...

I miss the first days of school. They really are magical days. I cant even begin to imagine mine in hig school yet.

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