Saturday, August 9, 2008

Have you seen this 14-year old Olympian from Great Britain?? Isn't he the cutest little thing? He's on the diving team and I know a nice girl from Alabama who'd be perfect him! ha! ha!

Last night I took a bubble bath and got really cozy on the couch while I watched the opening ceremonies for a while and then went to bed. My sweetheart husband let me sleep in this morning. UNTIL 11 AM!!! I couldn't believe it! At some point during the night I got up and moved to the couch. When I woke up, it was 11 AM! Chris got up early and went to a lacrosse scrimmage so he let me and the girls sleep. All week he's been saying he was going to clean the garage this weekend. However, he came home from lax and decided he would take KJ down to U of A to swim and hang out at their aquatic center. They have a lazy river and a cool spiral slide. Chris went there during lax camp and thought KJ would really enjoy it (I think Chris probably enjoyed it more ... a lot of students were moving in this weekend; he was probably hoping for some eye candy!). On their way home, they're going to get some Dreamland for dinner. Yay!!

T and I got a lot accomplished today. During breakfast we went thru each of her class syllabus's (what is the plural of syllabus? syllabi?? Heather -- can you answer this question?) and made sure she had all the supplies she needed for each class. We got all her binders and notebooks together, labeled, etc. and made a list of what she still needed. She also needed a few last minute things for dance team. She should have had these things for dance camp but since we didn't go.... Anyway, we went to the dance store in Homewood and from there we found our way downtown and walked around some of the shops. After that we went to Walmart to buy those pesky last minute school supplies.

Yesterday I got a lot done while everyone was in school. I took EVERYTHING out of the pantry next to the fridge, threw away stale crackers, Halloween candy from God knows what year, salad dressings that had expired, etc. The cabinet is really deep and things have a habit of getting shoved in the way, way back. I threw away 2 kitchen trash bags full of stuff. From there I cleaned off the top of the fridge (very gross up there!) and then I cleaned out and organized the pantry in the laundry room. I also did a couple loads of laundry. My next project is the "sneaky spot" which will be referred to as my "office" from now on. KJ still has a lot of dress-up clothes in there, a lot of kid books, etc. I half-heartedly started to make it my own spot a year or 2 ago but never got really far.

No major plans for Sunday. Maybe Chris will get started on the garage! ha! ha!


j said...

Wow! Go You! I don't feel like I've done much although I have. I'm just so happy to know where I'm going to be during the day instead of someone else dictating my time!!!!!!!!!

Heather said...


That's exciting that T has syllabi in high school. That will help her prepare for college.

monkeyseemonkeydontdo said...

HA! Doesn't make you sick about old food??? I did the same thing not too long ago and I was disgusted with us!!! Such a waste, what can ya do??

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