Sunday, August 24, 2008


T went shopping for homecoming dresses w/ friends this afternoon. She tried on a couple of things (see picture below), had her friend take a pic of her in it and then e-mailed it to me while I was at a scout swim party w/ KJ. She had the store hold this dress for her and the original plan was for us to go back on Monday. She came home so excited from the mall we decided we couldn't wait another day so we ran down to the mall so I could get a good look at the dress. I liked the dress alot on T, I really did. However, I saw another dress hanging up right next to the dressing room and asked her to try it on just for fun. OMG! She looked like a Barbie doll when she came out of the dressing room! Both of us totally fell in love w/ the other dress (which, unfortunately, was twice the price). My daughter has requested I don't post a picture of the dress she choose (you know, gotta keep up the element of surprise!) but I was very proud of her. She had babysitting money saved up and said she'd pay for half the dress. Now, I'm sure we're gonna end up paying for her mani & pedi and new shoes (and possibly a matching purse!) but I was very pleased that she made the offer to pay for half the dress.

Now, on to the Olympics -- can't wait for London '12. It's gonna ROCK!!! Stones, Beatles, The Clash, Princes William & Harry, Fish & Chips, Spice Girls, Monty Python, Harrods, Beckham. C'mon, you can't go wrong w/ London!!!

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J said...

ok.I'm dying the dresses are already bought & dates made. OMG...isn't it the end of Sept? Although, ME's not expecting a date. She's never had a boyfriend! lol

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