Friday, August 22, 2008

Fast Fashion
Interesting article about Fast Fashion (i.e., buying cheap because "it's just gonna go out of fashion so it's easier to dispose of it"). Believe it or not, I saw this on the blog of one of the younger guys who played on Chris's men's lax team. As a society, we're so used to just running into a store, trying on clothes and walking out w/ an outfit and not ever thinking about where our clothes come from or what material they're made of. I'm guilty of it. I don't think Fast Fashion affects men the way it does women. I do try to have "timeless" pieces -- a white button down shirt, black pants, a great pair of jeans, good pair of black shoes, a classic black purse, a wrap dress I can wear anywhere, etc. Unfortunately, with my limited social engagements, I very rarely have the opportunity to wear said "timeless" pieces! ha! ha!

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Unknown said...

you know, it just doesn't make sense to spend tons of money of the latest trends b/c they end up getting donated the next season. i do agree though it is nice to have timeless pieces too, ones that you can mix with the cheap fast fashion. :)

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