Monday, February 4, 2008

Best of Both Worlds

KJ & I saw the Miley Cyrus / Hannah Montanna movie tonight w/ friends and had so much fun! The theater encouraged the kids to dance and sing in their seats and also told the kids they could dance up front near the screen. Of course, that's where KJ & Lauren spent most of the show. Lauren's 5th grade brother, Drew, came w/ us. Poor fella. Not sure he knew what was going on. That Miley Cyrus is so talented, I hope she can keep her shit together better than Brit-Brit. KJ wore the Miley Cyrus t-shirt her Godmother sent her from the live show in Cincy and she wore her guitar pick bracelet, a Hannah Montanna secret star sweatband and a secret star guitar band (like one of those yellow Livestrong bands). She also wore her Hannah Montanna cowboy boots from Payless. Not sure if she had on Hannah/Miley undies. I wanted to wear the guitar pick bracelet but KJ wasn't sharing. I thought she was going to wear her Hannah Montanna wig but she said it itches her. I'm glad she didn't wear it because you know she would have last 5 minutes w/ that thing on her head and I would have ended up carrying it all night in my purse. Anyway, except for Drew, it was a definate GNO (for those of you not in the know, that's a Girls Night Out).

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