Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oscar Nite

Lots of "Red" on the Red Carpet 2nite: Katherine Heigel (gorgeous!), Miley Cyrus (hated it! thought she looked really old -- kind of mother of the bride but I'm glad she got rid of those nasty hair extensions!), Anne Hathaway (beautiful! very classsy!), Heidi Klum (undecided). Helen Mirren (elegant as always!).

I thought Cameron Diaz looked very sloppy. She needed a steam iron and something more formal than a ponytail. T absolutely adores her but she didn't even know whose jewelry she was wearing. Trust me, if someone gave me free jewels for the night, I'd be sure to give them a shout out.

Jennifer Garner and Hilary Swank (in Versace) both looked beautiful in basic black and I really liked Jennifer Garner's hair. Kristen Chenoweth, also in basic black, was stunning. I like blond hair w/ a black gown. I understand Ellen Page, from Juno, is very young (21 maybe?) but she looks so uncomfortable on the Red Carpet.

John Travalota's wife, Kelly Preston, looked beautiful in a weird yellow color strapless gown. Amy Adams from Enchanted is getting some flak that her dress is boring but it's a beautiful, simple green gown. Faye Dunaway also looked gorgeous. Damn. I hope to look that good at her age. Jessica Alba, very pregnant, looked wonderful too.

Now for the men: Daniel Day Lewis desperately needs some Crest white strips. His teeth were so horribly yellow. Steve Carrell looked so cute! I love me a funny man. George Clooney just gets better w/ age. His girlfriend was beautiful. I think Johnny Depp is an absolutely beautiful man but I just want to give him a freakin' haircut sometimes! Gary Busey had to have been drunk or totally stoned. Either that or he's just a media whore.

OK! So that was just my opinion.

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monkeyseemonkeydontdo said...

Gary has always given me the creeps...always a little to high strung! Johnny Depp on the other hand, since high school I LOVE HIM!!!!!! He is a total weirdo in interviews but such a great character acter and....YUM to look at! Have a good day at work!

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