Thursday, February 14, 2008

Like Christmas Around Here!

Well, I was expecting a gift card for a mani & pedi for Valentine's Day but instead I'm writing my blog entry from my new LapTop computer!!! I'm still getting used to the touch of this gizmo so please excuse any weird spelling errors or crazy punctuation. Chris handed me a big heavy box when he got home from work and said, "This may not be the most romatic Valentine's Day gift but it's a good one." I knew it was too big to be a gift card to a salon. At first I thought it was going to be one of those robot vaccuum cleaner things that glides across the floor.

Then, if that wasn't enough, Chris gave the girls Guitar Hero for their Wii. I haven't even attempted to play that yet. T is really good at it but KJ is struggling a big. She's having a hard time w/ her fingers.

I gave T a gift card to Starbucks and a pretty Starbucks coffee mug and some chocolates. KJ got a Hannah Montanna nightgown, some Hannana Montanna foot scrub and a facial mask and some Hannaha Montanna hair bows.

I made our traditional Valentine's Day dinner . . . shrimp scampi but Chris really had to scarf it down. He has lax practice at 6 PM and KJ has softball at 7 PM.

Really looking foward to the long weekend. T's already bugging me to have kids over this weekend to hang out. I think she has softball ratings on Saturday, KJ has lax pracitce Saturday and I'm sure hubby will have lax practrice, too. nO Sunday School this weekend and no playschool Monday. Very cool.

I luv, luv, luv my laptop yes I do. Luv my laptop yes I do. Thanks Chris!!!! P.S. T said now I need to get a cool laptop bag.


Unknown said...

Wow what a day! So fun. we are in need of a new computer not b/c this one doesn't work, just b/c there are too many of us in line for it. the up stairs crashed so i think i should be the one to get the lap top!! yay for you. kate said you liked the bowl. it turned out cute. :)

monkeyseemonkeydontdo said...

Fun Valentine's day!!!!! J.S. (our wild child in school) was back to his old self yesterday, it is too much. Just violent, and sometimes almost evil! I hope he calms down over the summer before he moves on to Becky and Laura!

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