Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy President's Day

Isn't it weird? It's a holiday here but just a regular ol' day in other parts of the world. Kind of like Thanksgiving.

Made everyone scrambled eggs & toast this morning for breakfast. Well, not everyone. Princess Twinkle Toes was still sleeping so she lost out.

The sun is shining so I made KJ & Lauren get dressed and get outside for some fresh air. I think they're back inside but I did see them jumping on the neighbor's trampoline for a little while.

Still digging my laptop. A couple of my fingernails are too long so I hit the wrong key sometimes. Good excuse to get a manicure! Actually I should get my appointments in order for Cabo . . . mani, pedi, hair.

Remember that really cute blue dress I bought from Bananna Republic a couple weeks back? It arrived a while ago and I frankly forgot about it. I tried it on the other day and it fits me really really well and looks cute. I need to get a sexy high heels and some colorful jewelry to go w/ it. I'm thinking blues & greens. I need to start laying out my clothes and seeing what's what. I just ordered a bathing suit off Victoria's Secret this morning. I've never ordered from them before but I love the fact that you can order your tops & bottoms seperately because we all know my ass is bigger than my top (although the "twins" have been looking pretty Gi-Normous lately).

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Unknown said...

hi. i always order my spring clothes from vs. i love them! what suit did you order? i've been looking. i'm so sad about all the damage in prattville. that is terrible. thank goodness for manicures! at least they weren't home.

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