Sunday, February 17, 2008

Just chilling w/ the kids tonight. Chris had a board meeting earlier tonight and brought home chinese food for dinner. KJ's room is immaculate. T cleaned her room, too but it's never been an issue the way it is w/ KJ. KJ's waiting for her friend to spend the night. T is bugging us to take her to her friends house. Chris is rockin' out to guitar hero. Typical night in our house.

Some of Chris's lax buddies were hit by the tornado in Prattville earlier today. Everyone is safe, thankfullly, just property damage. Don't know much at this point other than everyone is safe.

Sounds like all of my creative friends had nice busy days, too. Working on cards, painting, etc. Maybe that's what I need . . . a creative outlet. yeah right. I also need a hole in my head.

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