Wednesday, February 6, 2008


If I had money, I could be very dangerous. I love the chandeliers and I love a light, airy romantic bed.

Wow! what I wouldn't give to live in any of these rooms!
I think I am slowly becoming a Francophile (someone obsessed w/ all things French). I particularly love Parisian apartments. I read somewher that the kitchens in Paris apartments are really small because most of the eating and socializing is done at the bistro or cafe. Which is perfect for me!
I'm afraid T & I may fall so head over heels in love w/ Paris that we may not come back. I can get a job at the Gap or one of those American stores popular in France. McDonald's perhaps? I've always wanted to be in charge of the fries.


monkeyseemonkeydontdo said...

Oooo La La, I LOVE THE BEDROOMS!!! When are you going to Paris?? Sounds fun, and being in charge of fries would be worth the Bistro live :) But we would miss you too much!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I see that you may be coming to the conclusion that you are a francofile. I am one! :D I love everything French! I am so happy you joined the mess of us here in Frenchie land. My house is furnished with frenchie things and artwork. I have had a niche for French since I was little. I speak French (la plus belle langue dans le monde!). Enjoy what makes you happy, remember.. French do it best!!!!!! No MAKE IN CHINA, let's try MADE IN FRANCE! :D :D Viva La France!

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