Thursday, February 7, 2008

We'll Always Have Paris

So, we're having this big school re-zoning issue going on in our school district. Not sure what's going on just yet, we have a meeting next week, but I would love to just pack up and move. I'd move anywhere but I think I'd especially like to move to Paris at this point in my life. Maybe NY? Chicago? Somewhere different. I'm starting to get that 9-year itch. This is the longest we've lived anywhere (other than growing up in NY) and I'm ready for a big change. I'd like to live somewhere a little more urban, somewhere w/ a true downtown. Somewhere where we could walk the dog (if we ever find him again), grab the Sunday paper and a bagel, relax. Walk to our favorite sushi place, not have a yard to deal with (maybe a courtyard or a patio). I'd love to live in an old brownstone or a historic rowhome. Seriously, who wouldn't want to have their morning cafe au lait sitting in this conservatory? So, who's coming w/ me???

Good morning.
In order to be. successful in life we MUST reach out for help......
We must staff our weaknesses... (Remember this)...
The scripture says.......
In the multitude of councellers there's safety...
God is Love,
Rev Run

A little cooler this morning. I drove the girls to school since Chris had to be at the office early for a conference call. I make KJ a hot chocolate each morning in her travel mug so she can drink it in the car. I guess I used a little too much dish detergent when I washed it because the travel mug was soaping up as she tried to drink it. It was pretty comical and looked like something out of Little Rascals.
Another nice, quiet, productive day planned. I was going to pick out a piece of granite for my bathroom countertops today but Chris has a lunch meeting and can't meet me. Guess we'll do it tomorrow. If he's not free Friday, I'm just going to do it myself. I'm also learning to tell people, no, sorry, can't do it. One of the mom's called me and asked me to cover the class today while Mrs. S is in a planning meeting and I originally thought I was meeting w/ the granite guy so I told her no. I didn't even feel any remorse. I just said no. I have got to take advantage of these free days and get some stuff accomplished. When I get rid of the clutter in the house, the laundry, the whatever, I clear my head.
"The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision." -- Helen Keller


The Simpkins Fam said...

I have my bags packed when do we leave???

Tracy said...

i'm so there with you! the row houses in chicago are so neat, i just love them. maybe someday! i think the planning sessions at school are crazy. i love love love our teachers but we as parents do a lot up there!

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