Thursday, February 28, 2008

I hate clothes shopping

There. I said it. I like shoe shopping, Actually, I LOVE shoe shopping. I could have bought 5 or 6 pairs of shoes today at DSW. I like shopping for make-up and accessories, I like shopping for home decor. I hate CLOTHES SHOPPING. I have spent the entire day at the mall looking for a cocktail dress and shoes to take to Cabo. Everything I tried on either itched, was cut really really low and my boobs hung out or was just plain fugly (freakin' ugly). I ended up buying 3 dresses at Macy's. Everything was on sale but I still felt like I over-paid considering I will never these dresses again. I'll try them on for T, Chris, and KJ, get their opinion and return the ones I don't want. Not only was I extremely frustrated today, but the mall was like 100 degrees. I was so hot, the dressing rooms were a sauna, my hair is all droopy and messy. Not a good day. I'm very cranky. Then, the sales clerk at Macy's accused me of stealing the gift card my mother gave me for Christmas. She started to ring up my 3 dresses, I told her I was going to pay w/ a giftcard and some cash. She started talking Ebonics so I couldn't understand a freakin' word she was saying. Apparently some old lady said she lost her gift card a few minutes before I got to the counter. The sales clerk was asking me all sorts of questions: what does my gift card look like (what are we talking here, dimensions? color? shape?), how much was it worth. Why didn't I know how much money is on it? Honestly, it's almsot March. My mother gave me and Chris each Macy's gift cards for Christmas and I couldn't really remember how much money was on it. I finally got a little aggravated, asked her if she was the gift card Nazi and told her she could bring out a manager if she wanted and turn on the air conditioning for cyring out loud!!!!


Unknown said...

how do you steal a gc? i dont understand. who would you have stolen it from? i hate it when that happens.

Valerie said...

I think the old lady lost it, maybe dropped it and the clerk thought I picked it up and was trying to use it.

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