Thursday, February 28, 2008

McCain's Presidential Eligibility

I saw on today's news that there is some question as to whether John McCain is eligible to run for President based on the fact the he was born on a US Military base in the Panama Canal while his father (an admiral in the Navy???) was stationed. His mother was a US citizen at the time. Despite your presidental candidate preference or your political affiliations, do you think a man (or woman) born on foreign territory should be able to run for office? Let me elaborate: the candidate was born on a US military base to natural born US citizens of which, one parent is serving his/her country in the military Is the candidate considered a "natural born US citizen" or not? I was born on a US Air Force Base in Madrid, Spain at the height of the Viet Nam war. My dad was in the Air Force (a US Citizen) and both of my parents are considered "natural born US citizens." Does the fact that I was born outside the continental US make me an less American? Do I not deserve the right to run to for president? Does this allow foreign born politicans eligible? Specificially, Arnold the Govenator. What about the fact that Hilary has never served in the military? What about the fact that Obama spent most of his formative childhood years outside the US? Where would his alliance lay in the time of conflict? Would Arnold declare war on Austria if needed knowing that his family and friends are still natives? This unique situation really brings up alot of questions. What's even weirder is that our founding fathers were all techinically born on foreign soil. At the time of their birth, the 13 colonies were considered part of the British territories.


Unknown said...

hi. i saw this teaser on aol yesterday and i didn't click on it b/c i figured that it would say that he was born on a military base. seriously, that shouldn't even be a question. i always thought anyone born to parents serving the usa on a military base was considered a u.s. citizen just as much as a person born on american soil. its annoying that this question would even be raised! arnold governator did not have american parents so that is a different story and a differnet set of rules altogether. its just irritating that the media would even make an issue of this.

Valerie said...

that's how I feel. There is a difference between being born on a US military base to US citizens serving their country. Military children born on bases do not have to have green cards, naturalization papers, or pass a citizen test. Someone like Ahhhnold,was not born of american parents. Political party preferences aside, it's a very different situation.

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