Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sweetheart Dance Pics

Chris & KJ had a good time last night. He won't admit it but I think Chris looks forward to the Sweetheart Dance each year. He said KJ danced a lot and he hung out w/ some of the dads. Probably talked football or something like that. "How 'bout that SuperBowl??" Chris & KJ went to Johnny Rockets for milkshakes w/ George Washington and her dad (KJ's little friend Lauren has crazy hair and it looks like GW's wig).
Chris did make us pizzas for lunch. Quite tasty. He also bought Real Coke (not that diet crap) in glass bottles. Nothing better than an ice cold Coke in a glass bottle.
I took a little nap on the couch this afternoon. We've all just been lounging around and it feels good. We don't have a lot of days like this and I'm enjoying it. I like when all my chicks are home in the nest and we're not rushing around.
Back to work tomorrow. I hope it's nice so the babies can play outside for a while. I saw my little Ava Clare in church w/ her parents this morning. For a first time mom, her mother is very cool, very relaxed. Not at all a neurotic mess like some mom's we've encountered in the past. Ava Clare always has a bow in her hair and her mom makes her the nicest lunches. Ava Clare is a very well adjusted little girl and plays so well w/ the other kids. OK. Enuff about Ava Clare!
Guess I need to start looking for KJ's first communion dress. Only 12 weeks to the big day. That will be here before we know it! I think I might have better luck at a bridal place than looking for an actual communion dress down here. When T made her communion my parents were still living in NY. My mom bought a bunch of dresses on her credit card, mailed them to us, T picked out one and my mom returned the rest. Well, Grammie & Pop are in FL right now (instead of Leisure Village, the girls call it Seizure Village) so that doesn't really help me.


monkeyseemonkeydontdo said...

Cute pics!!! I need to get Bailey's up they had a blast too! I agree, real Coke in a green glass bottle tastes amazing, always has!!!!!! Tastes like summer to me, especially with some yummy bbq food!!!

Unknown said...

first of all the seizure village comment is hysterical! love the dance pictures so so cute. wish rick would have made pizza for us. we had arby's which wasn't too bad. 70ish in feb. is exactly why i live here!

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