Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Definately a wild & crazy nite!

Wow! What a wicked thunderstorm last nite! Of course, Kj got into bed w/ us. Even tho' it's a king-sized bed there just isn't enough room for 3 so I ended up on the couch.

She threw up a little bit again this morning in the garage. She was in the beer fridge looking for something to drink (juice) and threw up a little bit on the garage floor. She's not running a fever or anything and is actually eating pretty well today. T, however, isn't doing too hot. She has a horrible head cold. She's very congested and looks like death warmed over. She has terrible bags under her eyes.

Supposed to have a couple of lax games tonight but because of the storm last night, they've called off the games. The fields are getting pretty tore up and Parks & Rec is trying hard to keep the fields in good condition for everyone to use. I think the games will be re-scheduled for Thursday (which works better for me!).

I think my Tues/Thurs friends had another rough day today. They have a tough class and this crazy weather doesn't help. Some kids just really need to be outside, running free.

Have I told you about our new family pet? Well, we used to have Buddy the Wonder Dog, now we have Buddy the Crawfish. Yes, we've had a crawfish sitting on the kitchen counter in a take-out container since Saturday night. I keep hoping he suffocates, T wants to boil him up in some Old Bay and put him on her plate. KJ went out to dinner w/ the little girl across the street and her family Saturday night. They were supposed to go to Red Lobster but there was a long wait. So they decided to come home and go to Jubilee Joe's. I guess a couple of crawfish jumped out of the pot and were crawling around in the kitchen. The waiter asked KJ & Clare if they wanted to take the crawfish home. Duh. Of course they did. So, KJ comes home w/ a live, huge, disgusting crawfish in a take-out container w/ a hole poked in the top. He's probably about 5 inches long and is crazy noisy. He is so angry and aggravated. He thrashes around in his container so much, he actually moves the container. I want KJ to take him down to the little pond in the sub-division and get rid of him but she wants to see how long he'll live. I know for a fact we have some pretty big fish in that little pond and we've seen several snapping turtles. I'd like to see one of them take a big bite out of Buddy the Crawfish.


monkeyseemonkeydontdo said...

YES, we did have a rough day...HE bit a little girl HARD today and I made sure the Mom saw what he did...I'm working for Laura tom so I'll see you then!

Unknown said...

that is hysterical that you have a crawfish on your counter. lol. how funny.

*Yankee Belle* said...

A crawfish?! I am tossing & turning over a small goldfish! =P

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