Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cold, gray, dreary day. KJ was supposed to have softball today but it's reallychilly out and I'm fighting a chest cough. I don't feel like sitting on those ice cold metal bleachers for 2 hours. Guess she'll just make it to lax practice Sunday.

Chris is at the John Carroll lax game. Haden wanted Chris to watch him play. Mt. Brook plays Huntsville Sunday and I'd like to watch John play. The boys in the store are a good bunch of kids and kind of have become like family. The girls and I tease them horribly and pick on them like they were big brothers or something.

Found this really fun website called It's a bunch of checklists: cities you've been to, books you've read, movies, Disney movies, etc. It's a little addicting.

Just read on line that they're making a movie of the Shopaholic series. I think it's going to be butchered and end up being nothing like the books. Instead of being filmed in London, the movie is being shot in NY. Her best friend is going to be African-American or Latino. Sorry, but that's not at all what the books are about. Why do they do stuff like that? I also read that Jerry Bruckheimer is involved (he's known for major blockbuster movies) so that may be why the story has been moved to NYC.

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