Friday, February 29, 2008

I've had the most wonderful morning

Wow. I feel like I had a massage this morning.

Let me start at last night: Chris had 2 lax games last night in the freezing cold. Although both JV and Varsity beat Vestavia, the boys didn't play up to their potential. Chris was totally mentally and physically exhausted when he got home. I told him to sleep in Friday morinng and I would drive the girls to school. There was absolutely no traffic this morning . . . I made it to elementary school in 5 minutes and was home w/ in 20 minutes. The round-trip from home-elementary school-middle school-home usually takes me 38 to 45 minutes. Anyway, Chris was still sleeping and I didn't really want to make any noise so I had no choice but to get back into bed. I slept from 7:45 to 10:15 AM. I was so cozy, comfy, snuggly. I felt like I had melted into my mattress and was a big puddle. Before I got out of bed I stretched and every bone in my body cracked. It felt amazing.

So after having my pop tart and cup of tea, it's now almost 11 AM and I haven't accomplished much. We have NO plans tonight so I have all day to get stuff done. Looks cold, windy and a little gloomy outside.

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