Friday, February 8, 2008

Driving Chris Crazy

I'm sure I'm driving my husband nuts right about now. When we were Office Depot the other day KJ asked me what I'd like for Valentine's Day and I pointed out one of those cute little pink laptops (trying to get my office situated and I'd love my own laptop). Then, the other day I told T and Chris I'd really like a spa gift certificate. Now, I'm thinking I'd really like a puppie for Valentine's Day. I really, really miss having Buddy around and I think I've been depressed and lonely during the day. I'd really like another sweet, cuddly, shih tzu to snuggle on my lap. I miss having somebody in the house w/ me all day. Someone who gets excited to see me walk in the door. Chris & the girls just don't wiggle their tails at me the way Buddy use to. KJ just can't do "big sad puppy dog eyes" the way Buddy did and Chris is waaaaayyyy tooo big to be sitting in my lap these days. I know Chris is gonna flip when he reads this because he is not going to want to deal w/ training, chewing, etc. but I think we learned a lot of lessons w/ Buddy and won't spoil the next dog the way we did Buddy. (Who am I kidding?? Chris was the one who spoiled the Budster the most and talked to him like the son he never had). So, Chris, please, please, please buy me a sweet little shih tzu puppy for Valentine's Day??? (I'm doing my big sad puppy dog eyes).

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