Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dance Costumes

KJ rec'd her dance costumes tonight. Very very cute. She came home and tried them on for me and showed me a little of her ballet routine and a little of her jazz routine. I like the ballet costume the best (it's a long, blue, floaty kind of dress w/ dark blue velvet sleeves) but she looks like a cute little Shirley Temple or something in the hot pink Jazz number. She likes the jazz costume because they are dancing to a HSM2 song (that's High School Musical 2 for all you novices out there) and the costumes are supposed to look like something Sharpei would wear. KJ's just got that chubby little body and those chubby little arms. She's such a drama queen. She was carrying on at dance because the costume was itchy. None of the other girls seemed to mind when they were trying on their costumes and it didn't seem to bother her at home. She just reallly knows how to push my buttons.

She's supposed to read everynight but tonight she wanted to show me some website they go on at school. She couldn't remember the username and the password so she decided to call her teacher at home and ask her. Good thing Mrs. S is a friend! I hope KJ didn't bother her during dinner or anything!

Back to work tomorrow. Sounds like Tracy is subbing for Ms. Becky who became a grandma today (yesterday?). Becky weighs about 90 lbs. and looks way too young to be a grandma. Can't wait to see baby pics.

I'm not a big Dancing w/ the Stars fan but I heard they announced the next batch of celebrities: Pricsilla Presley, Monica Seles, Kristy Yamagucchi and Howard Stern. Wait. Howard Stern???? What the hell? He has got to be the most un-graceful man on the planet. he's so freakishly tall and gangly. I just can't imagine that white boy having any rhythm. Maybe his side-kick Robin can teach him a few moves.

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