Monday, February 25, 2008

Wild & Crazy

KJ (in the green pants) learning how to face-off @ Sunday's lax practice.
What was supposed to be "My wild & crazy nite" getting the girls to their lacrosse and softball practices has just turned into "My evening at Home w/ 2 Sickos." As mentioned in my earlier post, KJ went to softball practice right after school w/ a friend. Said friend's Mom calls from the ball field and said KJ wasn't feeling too hot. KJ gets on the phone and I can't even understand a word she's saying because she's crying so bad. I hang up and run up to the field to get her. In the time in took me to drive up there, she threw up. And no, she didn't make it into the trash can. Not sure if she threw up on the field or what but friend's Mommy said she'll just throw some dirt on it.

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