Sunday, May 18, 2008

all good things must come to an end

another nice day in Hooville. Since T's dance class sucks so bad (according to KJ), she had practice today @ 12:30 PM. I thought KJ's 2nd grade picnic was at 2 PM. However, at 2 PM KJ and I were the only ones on the school playground. Turns out the picnic was 4 - 6 PM. So, we went home and had a little nappy. We did go to the picnic at 4 pM and had a nice time. The point of the picnic was for the 2nd Grade Quest kids to get to know the other 2nd grade kids prior to 3rd grade.

Heard from Chris this earlier tonight. He tried to pull a fast one on me and told me they lost today. Not the case. The U15 won their championship game and the Black Elite team won their game also! The Red "Rising Stars" team played their hearts out and lost in a braveheart situation. Sounds like the boys also tried to douse him w/ some gatorade. Chris said the team the U15 beat hadn't lost a game in over 200 games. He said the boys were crying, the parents were crying and the parents kept saying, "don't they know who we are? we're so and so. We can't lose." I'm so proud of the all-star team(s)!!!

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Tracy said...

hi! i see you have exactly 3 weeks til europe! yay!

i'm so happy for chris and all the lax teams even the one who lost, sounds like they played so hard. i love passioniate players!

okay, so when is all this dance recital stuff? ugh! this week is going to be crazy.

who was at the picnic yesterday? we didn't make it. we went when jack was going into 3rd and i don't remember any of it. crazy. oh well.

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