Thursday, May 22, 2008

Class of 2012

The daughter from another mother T & Em F.

SouthPointe Sisters

So school is officially over for the year!!! Yay! I went up to the middle school today to help out w/ the 8th grade celebration. They had a great slide show and then the kids came out to the courtyard and tested the new popcorn machine the 8th grade class donated to the school. T and a bunch of girls are already at the pool; KJ's bugging me to head down there. Looks like rain though.


Unknown said...

cute cute pictures! love them. they've all changed so much since the end of 5th grade, think how much they're going to change by 2012! wow! crazy.

Anonymous said...

I knew nothing about the 8the grade party. oh well...ME said they were going to post slide show on school website. Did you hear that?

monkeyseemonkeydontdo said...

OMG, I have been so behind on blog reading....I am sorry bout the ER visit, when do you hear???? June 10th is my bday so it is lucky and I'll send some of that luck your way! Stomach stuff sucks!!!!! There is really nothing worse....keep us posted and I hope you feel better soon!!!!

Anonymous said...

woahh...whos that hott girl on the left in the first picture!!???

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