Friday, May 16, 2008

Hurray 4 Friday

Tried to Blog last night but I had a hard time logging on.

The girl's softball games were cancelled last night. So we ended up having taco night, T baby-sat for the little girls down the street and I went to our last Europe meeting before our trip. We've got our flight info and our hotel info for Rome & Florence. We went over the itinerary; I didn't realize we were taking an evening cruise on the Seine while in Paris. Don't know yet where we're staying in Paris and London. Really can't wait for our trip. I haven't started packing or anything like that but I have started to think in my mind about what I need to bring.

KJ's got a busy night tonight: softball, girl scout end of year party AND a sleep-over. I think she's got softball Saturday, too. T has softball tomorrow (possibly a double-header). She's got a dance rehearsal Sunday afternoon and KJ's got her 2nd grade picnic. I really can't wait for all this crap to end. We are all in serious need of some down time.

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Anonymous said...

I feel your pain! I think I'm more ready for school to be out than the kids! Although I'm not ready to be kid central for 3 months!!!!!!! LOL Does the Seine run thru the city? I think Keg went on that when over for meetings. He said it was hi-light to see Eiffel Tower lite up.

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