Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Gas Crisis

So I'm thinking I'm doing my part to cut back on my gasoline usage. My car hasn't left the garage since the girl's dance recital on Saturday. There are times when I'm driving all over B'ham, there are other times I don't leave the house for days (my favorite!). There have actually been times where my battery has died down and I need a jump 'cause I haven't used the car in days.
My cell phone doesn't work here at the house. I took it yesterday to the colonoscopy in case Chris needed it (his blackberry has been acting up and my phone has all of our friend's numbers, the girl's friend's numbers, etc. in case he needed them for an emergency or something). Other than that, I haven't used my phone since Saturday. Unfortunately, I left it on since Saturday. Today I ran around the house looking for the cell phone charger. I finally gave up and called T at her friend's house. She very calmly, very patiently said, "Mom. You don't have a wall charger. Remember? You took the car charger instead." Oops. My bad. Sorry T!!!

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Tracy said...

that is really funny. i just broke my wall charger so i had to get a new one and i chose the car charger. it just makes sense that i can plug it in when i am on the go. what did we do before cell phones? i can't even remember.

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