Monday, May 19, 2008

Daughters #1 and #2

Nice afternoon w/ Daughter #1. She didn't exactly play "hooky" today; she went to school, took her exam and called to ask if she could get checked out. So & so's mother was checking a bunch of kids out and could she get checked out, too. No problem-0.
She came home, we went to Zoe's for lunch, we ran to the spa to purchase a gift card for KJ's teacher as an end-of-year gift, we went to Barnes & Noble to buy some books to read on the plane (T bought her 9th grade required summer reading book to get it out of the way). On the way home we stopped at the bank and T ran into Publix w/ a big bag of change to dump in the coin machine. She got back over $40.
She's now down at the pool w/ friends. Technically, she's not supposed to be down there "un-supervised" until she turns 14 (July 1). So sue me. I'm a bad mommy.
Daughter #2 had field day today and is hot and cranky. What else is new? She has her lacrosse end-of-season awards dinner tonight.
Husband will be at tonight's City Council Meeting. The mayor is making a proclamation about the JV and Varsity teams winning the state championship. So, if you're bored tonight and have nothing to do ... go to the City Council Meeting and cheer the boys on!

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Unknown said...

ha, you'll understand this. soo, i was out running a few errands and kate sends me a text, "what are you doing?" I text back, "running errands, why?" Kate: "Mom, everyone has been checked out! No one is left, come and get me please." ha, serioulsy, its like she thinks i just sit and wait for her want or need something and then i will have something to do. lol.

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