Saturday, May 24, 2008

Boogie Woogie

So today was the girl's big dance recital. We had a very nice time and both girls did really, really well. KJ was very serious and you could tell she was counting steps in her head. T did well too but I kind of expect that from her (from being on the dance team and auditioning for dance team and stuff like that). This was KJ's first time on stage but she handle it very well. She needs to smile a little more. Tracy & Joe sat w/ us (poor Chris sitting thru 4 hours of dance) but it was nice. These kids worked so hard all year. I really enjoyed seeing all the girls we know: Cassidy, Kate, Katie, T Keith, Mac Keith, etc. At the very end of the recital some of the more senior girls dedicated a beautiful dance to Alex, Hattie & Christian's dad who was killed earlier this month in a plane accident. Also at the end some of the girls and their mom's danced to "I gotta from my mama." Chris said it looked more like a Richard Simmon's sweating to the oldies video.

I have a couple pics of T in her hip-hop costume to post but you will not see any pics of KJ. She was being a turd-nugget and changed out of her costume when I specifically told her not to. Therefore, no pics of KJ. Zip. Nil. Zilch. Nada. Nyet.

We went to our favorite mexican restaurant and enjoyed mango margaritas. T & I came home and Chris & KJ went to Best Buy. He bought a new Garmin to replace the one stolen out of his car (she's yet to be formally named) and I think he bought a couple of movies (National Treasure 2 and August Rush) to watch since we have NO video stores in town anymore.

I think tomorrow we'll hang out at the pool and celebrate Memorial Day since I can't eat a damn thing Monday due to my impending colonoscopy on Tuesday. I don't think it would be much fun for me sitting at the pool Monday afternoon watching every one eating burgers and hotdogs so we'll just get some stuff done around the house on Monday. We have some painting and stuff to do and I think Chris has some yardwork he wants to tackle.

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Heather said...

Use Netflix. It's awesome.

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