Thursday, May 29, 2008

OMG part deux

KJ is in SO much trouble. The attic is accessible thru her walk-in closet. I needed to get out the luggage T & I will be taking on our trip so we know what we can take, etc. KJ's closet is such a total and complete disaster. I opened the closet door and was totally gobsmacked in the face! Holy crap! I have no idea what the hell she did in there. She spent the night across the street and I called over there like a crazy lady and made her come home ASAP. I made her take EVERYTHING out of the closet before she could put anything back in. She knows she's in trouble, too cuz she's hiding her face w/ the shoebox.


Tracy said...

haha! i love it. this is sooooooooooo kate! seriously. love love love kj! she is too darn cute. i have a book that is called tracy's mess. it is so cute. i bought it for kate when she was 3.

j said...

been there too girl! Hell, ME's closet looks like that all the time.....& why? All she ever wears is t-shirts. It's's so bad she's cleaning out her CHAIR now.......her Chair has so much crap in it she's covered her floor with it!!!!!!!!!!!

Tracy said...

gotta love girls! lol. kate's room is a messsssss. i just close the door and try not to have to go in there.

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