Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Early Dismissal

Had so much fun @ Sips 'N Strokes last night. I was very, very surprised at how well my painting came out. It was really a lot of fun and much easier than I had anticipated. I would definately go again!

While I was gone last night Chris had daddy-duty (that's daddy "duty" not daddy "doody"). He picked the girls up from dance, took them to dinner, dropped T back off at dance and picked her up at 8:45 PM. KJ lost another tooth last night. That's 3 in the span of one week. She lost one on Sunday at the 2nd grade picnic when she bit into a cheeto.

Granite countertop has been installed in the masterbath. Unfortunately they mis-calculated on the backsplash and it's very low and I'm not happy w/ it at all. When we placed the original order in the showroom the salesclerk asked if we wanted the typical 4" backsplash and even when the lady came out and measured we discussed having the backsplash come right up to bottom of the mirrors. Other than that, it's looks beautiful. Now we just have to have the faucets installed.

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