Friday, May 30, 2008


Just a couple of things:
*I saw on the news tonight that today is the 3rd anniversary of Natalee Holloway's disappearance. When we think of anniversary's we usually think of happy times, wedding anniversaries perhaps. Her poor parents, what they must have gone thru and will have to deal with the rest of their lives.
*In other, non-related parental news, Hulk Hogan disgusts me. Jail recordings have been released and he and his son are despicable. The entire family is obnoxious. Nick is serving 8 months in jail for almost killing his "friend" (who is now comatose) in a drunk driving, high speed car accident. The whiny brat is complaining that his cell doesn't have a window and is smaller than his walk-in closet at home (he's in isolation for his protection -- he's 17 or 18 and if he was released to the general prison population, they'd tear him apart). Anyway, Hulk Hogan was taped saying that the friend John wasn't a nice person and "God laid down some heavy shit on him" (basically saying the friend deserved to be a vegetable) and the Mom, Linda, was heard saying that John's mom isn't suffering as much as she, Linda, is. After all, HER son is in jail for God's sake (Gee, Linda. What about john?). After the academy award worthy performance the family gave at his sentencing, Nick and his dad have been discussing reality show deals WHILE NICK IS STILL IN JAIL!!! Instead of doing the time and taking his 8 months to reflect, repent and think about what he did to his friend, he's working on TV deals. Hulk Hogan's daughter Brooke had a mildly popular dance hit a year or 2 ago, she had the best song daddy's money could buy. Now daddy's buying Nick's TV career. Nice dad.

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Tracy said...

hello hollywood. they're all crazy! i'll take my little calm boring life in hooville.:) thank you very much.

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