Friday, May 23, 2008

Dance, Dance Revolution

Spent almost 6 hours today watching the girls rehearse for their big dance recital tomorrow. Fortunately Tracy & Debbie P kept me company. I really liked KJ"s jazz routine; not so crazy about her ballet routine during the Wizard of Oz sequence. T's hip-hop number was really cool. Afterwards, the girls & I met Chris for dinner after his men's lax practice and now I'm trying to relax watching "Holes" on the Disney channel w/ KJ.

Last night we all went to the movies as a family but we didn't actually stay together. We all started off watching the 6:40 PM Indiana Jones and T was supposed to meet friends. They couldn't get into the 6:40 PM show but they got tixs for the 7:20 PM. So, T pulled a fast one and snuck into the 7:20 movie to be w/ her friends. chris, KJ & I walked down to Ben & Jerry's after our show was over. Unfortunately, they were closing. however, the guy took pity on us and opened the store and we sat outside eating our ice cream until T's movie was over. Anyway, I liked the new Indy movie, Chris not so much. There were definitely some great moments, a couple of long dull moments, too. I liked the fact that Harrison Ford acted his age. He wasn't trying to be a 20 year old. Shia LeBeouf was really funny, too.

So, the majority of our Saturday will be spent watching dance. I'm excited; the girls have worked hard for this. KJ, ever the drama queen; wants to know what color flowers we plan to buy her. She expects to be presented w/ flowers for every big occasion in her life for some reason. She's a wanna-be pageant queen deep down inside.

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Tracy said...

ha, love kj! she is so drama and it's precious! love it! haha. so great! kate said she sooo doesn't care if rick and the boys don't come to the recital tomorrow. ms. shannon was not happy with her class. she said that shannon totally changed the ending of their routine. i told her that kj said that shannon was messing up her dance. lol. what in the world. who cares! they will all look great! i'm just happy, i know where i'm going tomorrow. i don't care if anyone knows their dance!

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