Friday, May 16, 2008

Where 2 Next Ladies?

Just sitting here waiting for T to call. She's at the movies w/ friends and asked if I would pick them up afterward. Like I have nothing better to do.

Busy day -- joined some ladies for lunch today @ California Pizza Kitchen. Knew a couple ladies, met a couple for the first time. Had a lot of fun; thanks Tracy for the invite! Need to do that more often! After lunch I hopped over to Learning Express to pick-up a gift card for tonight's b-day party.

KJ had a 5:30 PM softball game. She played until 6:30 PM whereas I then took her to the girl scout end of year party at the Fun Zone (by the way, was that the proper use of the phrase "whereas"???). From there she went to Peyton's sleep-over party. She doesn't know it yet but she's got the 10:30 AM game Saturday AM. It's always creepy when Chris & I are on the same page but as I was taking her to the Fun Zone, Chris called and said, you may want to get some aspirin in her to ward off a potential migraine situation. The funny thing was I usually keep some of her aspirin in the glove compartment and the minute we got in the car to head to the party, I looked to see if she had any in there. I was pulling into the CVS parking lot when he called. Crreeeeepppppy.

So, KJ has the 10:30 AM game, T has the 1 PM and possibly 2:30 game. If KJ wins her game, she will also play @ 2:30 PM (highly unlikely -- she may not suck @ dance but her little softball team this year sure does). Looks like I may have my last ballpark chicken basket of the year after all. Yum.

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Unknown said...

we have park day tomorrow at shades mountain, i'll probably have one more diet coke and pop corn. i love the ice up there. am ready to just chill out for awhile. i'm so excited for your europe trip! can't wait to hear all about it.

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