Saturday, May 17, 2008

Super Softball Saturday!!!

So KJ had the 10:30 AM Game and lost. And she was very glad to have lost. She said she didn't think she could play another game.

We went to Tip Top grill for a bite to eat and had some nice mother/daughter/daughter time. T had the 1 PM game and lost, too. For some reason, even though they lost, she played again at 3 PM. She's so solid at shortstop. She didn't hit great today but she played well otherwise.

After several hours at the ballfield we picked up the Magster and headed over to the Summit for some shopping and dinner at Johnny Rockets. We then went to the 8 PM showing of the new Narnia movie. What a very, very long movie. We walked out the door at 10:45 PM. I wasn't very crazy about this movie. I liked the first one a little better. This one was very dark (both metaphorically and cinematically speaking). There were a couple of good previews: can't wait to see the new Indiana Jones movie, the Hulk movie looks OK, there's also so stupid looking Chihuahua movie coming out by Disney and Kung Foo Panda looks dumb too.

Chris has his big lax tourney this weekend. Sounds like they're doing really well. The U15 played 3 games today and won all 3. The Red "Rising Stars" team played 2 games and one both. The black BamaLax team won their game, too. Not sure what's on the agenda for tomorrow.

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