Sunday, May 18, 2008

little people

I can't believe I totally forgot to mention this in last night's post about the new Narnia movie. My oldest child has a crazy, intense dislike of "little people." Midgets, dwarfs, horizontally challenged, height-deficient, whatever ya' want to call it. Seriously. She freaks out. Maybe dislike isn't the correct word I should be using (I'm sure if she actually met a midget or little person, she would probably like their personality). So last night in the movie, one of the central characters is a little person. T just about lost her mind. Every time he appeared on camera she covered her eyes. At the end when the little girl hugs him, T was gripping the arm of her seat so hard and was just about jumping out of her skin. It's the funniest thing to watch. We got in the car and KJ said, "I thought you were gonna piss in your pants." I almost drove off the road I was laughing so hard.

In other un-related news, we walked around the Summit a bit last night before the movie started. KJ & the Magster were spraying each other w/ perfume in Urban Outfitters. I asked KJ if they were spraying the Betsey Johnson perfume or was it something else. Maggie said, "no it wasn't Betsey Johnson. It was called Tester."


Anonymous said...

dont forget the chester factory!
&& that was the scariest movie i have ever seen! ahhhh

Valerie said...

I liked it when Magster ordered the "ordinary" hamburger @ Johnny rockets instead of the "original" burger. good times. good times.

Unknown said...

haha, all of it is just too stinkin funny!

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